Emsworth Arts Trail offers busy line-up

The countdown has begun for this year’s Emsworth Arts Trail which takes place on April 22-23 and then April 29-30 and May 1.
Kate L'AmieKate L'Amie
Kate L'Amie

Spokeswoman Kate L'Amie is hoping to build on last year’s successes which saw the trail return to its spring slot after an autumn slot in 2021 following the pandemic.

“Last year felt like a comeback year after having moved the dates for 2021 and we were back to a good size with 85 artists taking part. I think a few years ago it got above 100 and we decided to cap it at 100. We have got a good bank of artists that have taken part over the last few years but we are always keen to give opportunities for new artists just to keep it all fresh and exciting. There were a number of artists who are regulars at the trail who said that they needed a break and wanted to have time away to create something new which is great. We had a few new artists last year and we're hoping to have a good number of new artists this year as well, maybe 20.”

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A number of artists would have liked to see in the trail stay in the September slot but the general feeling among the organising committee was that it was better to return to the spring outing.

As ever, the Emsworth Arts Trail comes with the advantage that all exhibiting artists are within walking distance of the village centre: “It would be a bit of a push to see them all in one day but I know a lot of people do go round all the artists in one go, but there are also other people who might spend a couple of hours going around on one day and then a couple of hours more on the next day. It is lovely atmosphere and great fun for people.

“But I think the main thing for the artists is that it is really empowering to have their work out there in a space where they can talk to visitors about what they do. A lot of the people coming around the trail have questions for the artists about how they work and the artists really enjoy talking to people and obviously every artist enjoys selling things! I think if you’re an artist doing an art trail then you're going to be pretty chatty anyway and enjoy talking to people. If you don't like talking to people you probably wouldn't be doing the trail in the first place!”

And with a wide variety of artists, from painters to jewellers, photographers to ceramicists and much, much more, there really will be something to interest everyone, Kate promises.

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Emsworth Arts Trail offers the chance to see and meet designers, painters and makers in their own homes and studios. Churches, community halls, pubs and shops also act as exhibition space to bring creativity to every corner of the town.

Emsworth Arts Trail was first established in 2001 with just ten artists opening up their studios to the public. Interest in the event and participation grew year on year and the trail was adopted as part of the Havant Arts Trail from 2004-2011. In 2012 Emsworth decided to revert to an independent trail enabling it to engage directly with local businesses and community. It also enabled the number of artists taking part to flourish.

A trail guide is produced which has a clear map and information about each of the artists taking part.

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