Home gallery show for artist Neeta Pedersen in Lewes

Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)
Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)
Stories From A Life sees Neeta Pedersen, curator and owner of the Star Brewery Gallery, take centre stage for an exhibition in her own gallery in Lewes (October 7-15, open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-4pm; Sunday 12 noon-3pm).

The exhibition will showcase a range of works inspired by memories of her personal life experiences. Neeta has developed a distinctive and unique style of her own and has created a substantial body of original work that includes paintings, sculptures and digital art. She also applies her designs to various products including scarves, bags, purses, mugs, chairs and tables all of which will be showcased in this exhibition.

Neeta’s real-life experiences have had a big effect on her artistic career. Born in Mumbai and adopted by a Danish couple at the age of six months, Neeta grew up in Aarhus. Leaving home at 17, she travelled to Israel and subsequently travelled to India and Nepal for six months to absorb and observe the culture she came from. Her travels have also taken her to various places in Europe as well as Boston and New York in the USA. In 1997, she moved to Lewes and studied at Brighton College of Technology where she gained a BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia. In 1999 she enrolled in the total immersion intensive workshop at the New York Film Academy and, in 2005, gained a BA (Hons) in animation from the University of Westminster in London. Her graduation film Disharmonious Coincidence was screened at film festivals in London, Italy, Japan, France and Romania and it was selected by British Council Film to be included in their British Films Directory. Since then Neeta has continued to work not only as an artist, illustrator, animator and graphic designer but has also mastered the art of building and designing websites. Neeta said: “Last time I had a proper solo show in this exhibition space was in 2014. I have been a frequent visitor to the gallery ever since I came to Lewes. I love this gallery space and I am very excited to be having my exhibition here again. In February 2020 I became the owner and director of the Star Brewery Gallery and have staged a wide variety of successful exhibitions.”

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