Rural Hastings-based artist Svetlana Cameron offers exhibition

Rural Hastings-based artist Svetlana Cameron is hosting a unique exhibition coinciding with the end of all restrictions on July 24-26 alongside Ranleigh Arts.

Among the works
Among the works

Director Christopher Hounsfield said: “It would be interesting to view art in a new, modern and innovative way? The attitude towards art has gone through a fundamental change over the last 18 months. The Covid virus brought galleries to a standstill, dramatically impacting artists, curators and collectors overnight.

“New artistic ideas and innovations prevented the collapse of the contemporary art industry. Now, as the public unlocks, so has the creativity of the artist and the art world.”

Ranleigh Arts, of Cranbrook, Kent, is instituting an exciting new attitude to viewing contemporary art and to artists who have had more than a year to put together a unique, new portfolio during the pandemic, Christopher said.

“Old rules about exhibiting similar schools of art live in the past.

“Ranleigh Arts is a brand-new company, launching with these new, non-traditional times in mind. Between July 24-26, its inaugural summer exhibition will feature two artists, juxtaposing the worlds of high-end portraiture and modern impressionism. Held at a unique, large private studio near Hastings, the exhibition is free, but exclusive and by application only.

“This brings together an innovative way to bring art and the collector together. Galleries that pop up in amazing locations, rather than rely on high-street art galleries. New exhibitions, new artists, new locations will be proposed.

“Highly prestigious portrait painter Svetlana Cameron is a Russian-born British artist dedicated to the revival of traditional painting and drawing techniques. Trained in the methods of Old Masters in the private ateliers in Malta and Florence, Cameron specialises in portraiture in the style of Classical Realism. She is best known for her official portraits in the Flemish oil painting method, as well as delicate pastel drawings of children in her original interpretation of the Renaissance ‘trois crayons’ technique. Cameron’s attention to detail and ability to capture her sitter’s personality have earned her a strong international reputation.

“Against the traditional fine Renaissance art of Svetlana is the modern impressionism of Max White, a young British artist who was introduced to the art world in 2016 when his potential was realised while at Sevenoaks School. His artwork represents an appreciation for the extraordinary within the ordinary everyday.

“In scenes which may seem like the daily walk to work, or the weekend stroll, Max takes time to stop and look for opportunities, focusing on light, and composition. His work ranges from some of the most iconic streets of Central London, to scenes of the Covid crisis and to still life, reminiscent of the Dutch paintings of the 17th Century. He studied to be an architect in London, qualifying in 2019, before turning to full time painting, that same year.”

To attend this unique and exclusive launch exhibition on the Kent/Sussex border, art connoisseurs must register at as soon as possible.