Arun comedy duo The Bald Builders going viral as they spread the love

Two internet celebrities are putting their new found fame to good use with a charity push.
The Bald Builders - Sam Hughes (left) and Brad Hanson SUS-181015-155824001The Bald Builders - Sam Hughes (left) and Brad Hanson SUS-181015-155824001
The Bald Builders - Sam Hughes (left) and Brad Hanson SUS-181015-155824001

The Bald Builders, AKA Bognor Regis’ Sam Hughes, 23, and Littlehampton’s Brad Hanson, 34, have been filming pranks and promotional videos racking up thousands of hits on social media.

One video of them replacing a KFC burger with a frozen one went viral, gaining more than 8.5 million views.

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Other highlights include glueing a pound coin to the floor and calling out would-be scavengers with a megaphone.

See a couple of their videos here:

Their Facebook page now has more than 137,000 followers and Sam said the duo are going to use their growing profile to help others.

“We are doing things that are local,” he said.

“We’ve had so many people say we are picking up the town and bettering the area.

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“We have people wanting photos and coming up to us – they’ll come running across the road.”

Now the twosome have set their sights on raising money for the Connor Saunders Foundation, a charity in honour of Connor Saunders who passed away aged 19 and, as an organ donor, saved five lives.

Sam said Brad’s nephew suffers from an irregular heartbeat that prevented him going to school until the foundation donated a defibrillator.

They have set up a fundraising page with a target of £25,000 and are selling Bald Builders branded stickers, wristbands and clothing. The current total stands at more than £1,500.

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Bidders will also have the chance to ‘buy’ Brad for the day and have him as, in Sam’s words, a ‘slave’.

The next goal for the builders, who have been business partners for seven years, is to expand their content and hopefully gain their own television show.

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