Finding "joy and purpose in life again" after depression

Trapped Inside Myself – Freedom from the Weight of Suicide is the striking title of the self-published new book from Kevin Hodgon from Rye.

Kevin Hodgon
Kevin Hodgon

It is priced £5.99 e-book and £12.99 paperback and available through Amazon.

Kevin, aged 34, said: “Trapped Inside Myself is a self-help book based on my own experiences dealing with depression and suicide and getting my life back on track after some traumatic events onset by that mental disease.

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“It also chronicles how I came back around to rediscover my love for travelling, something I started seriously pursuing since I’ve been a teenager, and how what I call my healing journey through North and South America helped me to find joy and purpose in life again.

“Because of the sensitive subject matter, this book is very near and dear to my heart. It’s personal, poignant, and honest, something I hope readers can relate to and understand whether or not they unfortunately share mental health issues.

“The thing is, depression is an epidemic in our society. It’s an invisible wound that is easily ignored, and through this book I hope to change that stigma to get people the help they need. And chances are, most readers have experienced, are experiencing, or know someone with mental health issues. That’s why this book targets readers looking for help or readers that just want to comprehend depression in a safe manner. I wanted to make the subject matter accessible to both audiences.

“This book blends together how to recognise symptoms of depression, how to reach out to those suffering and how to identity your own self-worth.

“I was afraid to tell this story for a long time. I knew I wanted to help others suffering in the same manner as I did, but I wasn’t sure how to approach it. I think what finally spurred me to take the step was a lengthy Facebook post where I detailed my experiences and frustrations. Originally, I just wanted to catch up my friends and work colleagues why I suddenly dropped my whole life to embark on my healing journey. And then that post sort of went viral. Everyone was sharing it and leaving supportive and encouraging comments. Family and friends and strangers around the globe were reaching out, and even mental health organisations wanted to spread my story. It also surprised me just how many people could relate to my circumstances. It became this turning point where I realised I could talk about depression and all its stigmas through writing, and in the process, reach those people who need to hear it. I’ll be honest, writing it was difficult. This wasn’t an issue I could skirt around, so it took time to build up the courage to be honest with both readers and myself. Fortunately, I find myself in a better place where I can look back on my life and reflect on those feelings as a way to help others identify warning symptoms and signs and thoughts. By avoiding these feelings, we only end up burying them deeper inside us, which is why I start the book with that philosophy in mind: invite the readers in for an open conversation...”