Oving author Tony Barnard takes inspiration from Paris riots

Tony BarnardTony Barnard
Tony Barnard
Oving-based author Tony Barnard is in print with his fourth book, primarily written during lockdown.

Paris Hide and Seek, as he explains, is about politics, revolution and murder during the Paris riots of May 1968, a time of great upheaval.

His previous books are The Sheffield Avengers, High Five in Jerusalem and Pebbles in the Pond.

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Now comes Paris Hide and Seek, a book which goes back into Tony’s own past and interests.

“It is an exciting and fast-paced novel.

“Political debate is merged with a double murder and cover-up operation.

“The story reflects a great deal of 1960s detail and culture all set against the un-folding events on the streets of the city of Paris.”

The book has been published by PublishNation and is available on Amazon at £7.99 for a papeback and £1.99 for a Kindle version.

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“I did a politics and modern history degree at Manchester University 45 years ago.

“In the third year I had to write a dissertation and I chose the May 1968 riots in Paris and France.

“A few years earlier I had seen a film called Blowup by the Italian director Antonioni in which the fashion photographer unbeknowingly photographs a murder and I decided to merge these ideas into a story.

“The book is aimed at those who are interested in the events of May 1968 because it chronicles the events as the back-drop to the story.

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“It will also interest students of politics as I delve into the discussions that were taking place at the time.

“It should appeal to those who were around in 1968 because it is content rich in 1960s detail, music, fashion and culture.

“I have written two other novels and a book of short stories, all of which are available through Amazon.

“The Sheffield Avengers is a story of two boys who grew up together in Sheffield against a backdrop of the declining fortunes of the steel industry, with one indebted to the other from an early age.

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“The main action takes place during the Falklands War in the South Atlantic.

“High Five in Jerusalem is a story of humanity and of triumph over adversity seen through the eyes of a boy who was only 15 when his father was murdered by a Serbian sniper during the siege of Sarajevo.

“The novel is a compelling account of his strive to overcome his demons, seek an equalisation of events and finally to get on with the rest of his life.

“Pebbles in the Pond is a collection of short stories about the consequences and effects of human interaction like ripples spreading across a pond after a stone has been thrown in.”

Tony’s writing goes back a while.

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“I worked for three years on the London Olympics Games project from 2010-2012,” he recalls.

“I had to live in a flat close to where the stadium was being built.

“And I had plenty of time to think and construct the ideas for the books rather than watch TV!”

Tony’s books are available online via Amazon.