Worthing author Dan Wood offers debut spy thriller

Worthing author Dan Wood is in print with the spy thriller Ignatius, published by The Conrad Press at £9.99 as a paperback or £3.99 as an ebook, available from Amazon, Kindle and Waterstones online.
Dan WoodDan Wood
Dan Wood

Dan, aged 40, said: “Writing a book is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

“This is actually my third attempt at writing a book, but is the first book that I’ve actually finished.

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“The book is a spy thriller, following two main characters Ignatius Winter and Sahira Basha.

“Ignatius is framed for the assassination of a senior Chinese minister at London’s Houses of Parliament. During his previous career as an SAS soldier and Mi6 operator, we see that he has reason to hold a grudge against the minister, but the fact remains, he is innocent.

“Powerful people are determined to frame him for the assassination, though. Ignatius and a current Mi5 officer, Sahira Basha must use all their expertise and strategic brilliance to prove his innocence against these powerful enemies who might be a lot closer to home than they realise.

“I really wanted to write a book that I knew I’d enjoy reading myself so that is what I’ve tried to do.

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“I feel I differentiate for many other authors in this popular genre by using detail of tactics and the latest equipment in this world that the reader will rarely, if ever, hear about.

“I really committed to writing the book as it’s always been a dream of mine to be a full-time author and I was at a point in my life where I wanted a new career. I quit my job and focused on writing full time, which has been a big risk.

“I loved writing the book and would write every day, without fail. I’m hoping the book will appeal to a wide audience.

“Obviously those who usually enjoy a spy thriller are the main audience, but I think the diversity of characters, not all of them are likeable, will also appeal to those who don’t usually pick up a spy thriller as a first-choice novel.

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“I am currently in the process of writing the sequel to Ignatius, which will cover all the loose ends left in the first book and no doubt leave further ones to explore.

“I am hoping to have other books out in 2021,” Dan added.

“I started writing the book in September 2019, in the effort to start a career as an author and because I am passionate about writing.”

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