Worthing author Lynne Hunter revels in nostalgic memories of the 1980s

Nostalgic memories of the 1980s are at the heart of the new novel Resilience in Love (Michael Terence Publishing, £9.99) by Worthing author Lynne Hunter.

Lynne Hunter
Lynne Hunter

Lynne explained: “Normally, I am a prolific reader of historic romance and always thought that if I ever wrote a book, it would be in that genre, but Resilience in Love is set in the 1980s when I was very young, left home and moved away from Brighton to Kingston in Surrey.

“I later met, fell in love and married my husband. The decade evokes nostalgic memories for me of the music, the fashion, the friends I made and the escapades we shared. Therefore what better escapism as a writer than to bring those memories back to life again and set my story in the times I lived through and knew really well.

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“As a reader I love a romance, but I want more than a boy-meets-girl scenario to keep me reading. I get engrossed when the story has a thriller element that sets you on the edge of your seat, gets you turning those pages because the characters are on a rollercoaster ride of dilemmas, where the journey progresses and the characters get embroiled in situations they have to overcome together or protect each other to avoid. I get excited if the characters are in peril and they have to fight to survive, making sacrifices and handling situations in a heroic or desperate nature, not always winning, but they never give up. The Resilience series combines all of this and merges the two genres of romance and thriller.

“I didn’t block or plan out this story. The moment I made my mind up to write a novel, I did just that, I got my laptop out and started writing, making notes along the way when inspired by an idea for the characters, thoroughly enjoying the romantic element and questioning how dark the thriller component should be.”

The premise of the story is Bruce Bailey and Sara Kaye meet as the main leads on the set of an epic period drama movie and there is an instant attraction between them.

“They finish filming in New York, falling in love during the week they take off to explore the exhilarating sights of the city before returning home to England. On their journey to the airport, they are involved in a terrifying car chase through the labyrinth of New York streets and alleyways that leads to a culmination of kidnapping and a failed ransom which quickly spirals to more sinister events....

“Combining two genres makes the appeal to those who enjoy love and romance but also to those who more and enjoy being surprised and taken on an unpredictable journey.

“Writing a novel is like building blocks, you have to start somewhere. For me it started with the peril that these characters endure. Who is the protagonist? In this series there are two, Bruce Bailey and Sara Kaye. They are both strong, resilient and equal, but each have their flaws and ambiguity to make them human, where their past defines them and together they find the strength to trust again, love again and each allow the other to help them heal. I also wanted the antagonist to have a history and a story line that indirectly connects them through either events or other characters.

“I have no professional experience of writing, just an aspiration and a dream. My working history is quite eclectic, I trained as a nurse when I first left home.”