Worthing author's new poetry collection to benefit Parkinson’s UK

Worthing author Jill Tinsley-Watkins brings together a collection of her poems in a project conceived during lockdown. Scribblings From A Nobody (self-published, £5 per copy) is available from Jill directly at [email protected] or 01903 536064.

Worthing author Jill Tinsley-Watkins
Worthing author Jill Tinsley-Watkins

Jill, aged 69, said: “I had a folder full of poems which I had always intended to put together but never got around to doing.

“Lockdown gave me the opportunity to sort through them and get a selection printed. The poems are an eclectic mix of themes – nature, landscape, witch hunting, social comment etc, with an occasional touch of humour. There is something for everyone.

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“My initial idea was just to get the booklet printed for my two children to keep. Then I decided to get more printed and sell them to raise money for Parkinson’s UK, in memory of my brother-in-law, Professor Michael Carr

“I have always loved writing. I find it a relaxing and fun pastime. It was only when I moved to Worthing 12 years ago and joined a creative writing course at Northbrook College that I began to take it more seriously.

“I was born and raised in Hove and have always had a love of the seaside and nature. I am fortunate enough to have four siblings so life was always hectic at home, but despite sibling rivalry, we all made it into adulthood without too many scars!

“I began scribbling down bits and pieces in my 20s, about life situations ,people, nature as they popped into my head. Writing was something I loved doing and I found it was a relaxing way to get things off my chest and commit to paper.

“The years passed and I was too busy with raising two children and working to give my writing serious attention at that time, but fast-forward thirty years, and I found I had more time for leisurely pursuits.

“I moved to Worthing in 2008 with my partner and soon-to-be husband and two years later, I enrolled in a creative writing class at Northbrook College. I found it really enjoyable to be part of a group and to share our scribblings with each other. Being in a class helped me take my writing a bit more seriously and to tighten up my work and discard the ramblings! I still attend college and really enjoy our sessions, even though we have had to get to grips with Zoom meetings during the current situation. Although technology has helped keep our class going, I am really looking forward to returning to college.

“After several years at college, I realised that I had folders of my poems gathering dust in the spare bedroom. It was then I decided that I would put together a collection and have them printed to leave to my kids for posterity... whether they wanted them or not!

“With the help of my sister Vinny, I selected 40 of my poems and got them printed locally. Taking the idea further, I decided to have more booklets printed to sell in aid of Parkinson’s UK, in memory of my brother-in-law Professor Michael Carr. Mike always encouraged me to carry on writing. In fact, he even commissioned me to write a poem for his and my sister Sue’s joint 70th birthday celebrations a few years ago. My sister Vinny read it out at the party so that gave me a little thrill! My payment was a meal at a curry house!

“The poems in my booklet have an eclectic collection of themes ranging from seaside, nature, social comment, witch-hunting, even a nod to Shakespeare...from Ann Hathaway’s point of view – possibly! There is also a liberal sprinkling of humour, so there is something for everybody. This booklet can also be displayed in the loo for people to browse through and enjoy while they’re not too busy!

Scribblings From A Nobody bcosts is £5,. All proceeds to Parkinson’s UK.

Call Jill on 01903 536064 or email at [email protected]