British Workers Wanted: TV show about a Bognor recruitment firm about to air

'My concern is we're not going to have the people, I don't think the politicians realise. Don't get me wrong, I voted Brexit,' Sarah Duke tells the cameras filming a brand new show about the Bognor Regis recruitment firm she runs with Gaynor Heath.

The Opus Loco team on Bognor seafront
The Opus Loco team on Bognor seafront

British Workers Wanted – which airs on Channel 4 this Thursday – centres around their Opus Loco agency which is having to adapt since Britain decided to leave the EU.

Some 98 per cent of their workforce is from Eastern Europe, but with many now choosing to leave the UK, the show focuses on their efforts to recruit British workers living in Bognor to fill the temporary, low-skilled jobs they supply for.

Gaynor, who also voted to leave the EU, says: “Well we’ve been doing recruitment for 20 years now and somehow or other when the chips are down, someone somewhere will want the job.”

British Workers Wanted will air on Channel 4 this Thursday, at 10pm

Sarah adds: “I would say one in three people in Bognor are eastern European.”

The narrator will tell viewers who tune in for its debut this week: “Bognor Regis is no longer just a playground for holiday makers and the elderly. “Since the Brexit vote, times are changing in Bognor.”

Leave-voters Sarah and Gaynor are apparently followed during their lengthy nail bar sessions, online dating, missing pets and UKIP rallies with the demands of a huge range of clients who need all kinds of temporary workers, from land scape gardeners, catering and warehouse staff.

According to the producers: “The ladies use their charm, wit and brute strength in a variety of ways to coax the Brits they find into the workplace.

“But take up for temporary work isn’t as forthcoming as they hoped and as the 18 year old son of one of them says: ‘I’d rather just hang out with me girlfriend than get a job’.

“But Opus Loco has no intention of giving up.”

British Workers Wanted is on Channel 4 on November 16 at 10pm.