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Write Across Sussex
Write Across Sussex

Gurgle the Gargoyle

By Finlay Mott age 9

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Lyminster Primary School

It was the end of the day and our teacher gives us this stupid sounding homework about boring old books. I just can’t stand them. Just the way you have to picture the scene in your head and all those words! Talking about books, I had to read this book about statues coming to life. Why would that ever happen?! Ridiculous.

Anyway, we were walking to church on a Sunday morning and I noticed there was a gargoyle missing from the top of the tower. I didn’t really think anything of it because it had been really windy lately. We walked in and my Mum’s friend came up to us and said that their dog was barking ALL night! She said it was really weird because Monty - that’s the dog - usually snores all night rather than barks.

That night I went to sleep and something strange happened. I heard a knock at the window. Must have been the wind. Only, it happened again. I opened the curtains nervously and right before my eyes there was a great creature pulling a face at me! He suddenly said “Hello Tom” in a sly way so I said “How do you know my name?: And he didn’t answer he just said “follow me” and he grabbed my leg and we flew! The view was absolutely amazing and you won’t believe this but I didn’t feel scared at all!

After one lap around the town I found myself back in my bedroom but noticed that one of my slippers was missing! I suddenly remembered that he was grabbing me by my leg so he must have not let go of it!

Oh, and I almost forgot that he told me his name was Gurgle the Gargoyle! The next day was Monday and for my homework I wrote a story about my adventure with Gurgle. And here it is right in your hand! I walked home from school past the church so I could see if Gurgle was there and believe it or not, he was! And he was holding MY slipper! I looked at my literacy book and the teacher had written: Well done Tom, amazing imagination!


The Mystery Wardrobe by Tia Payne aged 9

In a very rich s-treet named

wisely street . The house that was very big, and has 10 huge bed rooms. And in this house lived aubree and her mum and dad .the start of this story takes place when Lottie was only small. Aubrey loved riding her pony called willow. One morning was aubree first day at school. Aubree mum drove her in there sparkling white car.” Aubrey are you exited “?”A bit aubree replied . She wasn’t very sure about it . As the pulled up aubree and her mum got out and they walked to her class room . Hello my name is miss Charlie and i will be Aubrey teacher this year . they sat down at a table with one other child sitting there . Her name was jade and she sat there whispering to her mum . miss Charlie placed a pink work book in front of Aubrey . As Aubrey opened it there was a sheet which said ABOUT ME MY NAME IS MY PETS ARE CALLED MY favourite FAMILY MEMBER IS . after a long day at school she went home and layed on her bed .she here’d a voice and a strange noise coming from the wardrobe and it turned out the voice was a beautiful white majestic Pegasus called Darcy and she walked out in a soft calm voice she said “hello my names Darcy and I am here to well I don’t know what I’m doing her. How did you get in my room? Asked Aubrey in a flow of confusion . Well I don’t know that entirely. Her mane flew about like a hurricane. Aubrey stepped into her wardrobe to see a strand land were the wind whistled and the clouds whispered .”Who what how “mumbled Aubrey. A tiny dragon bumped into her. “Who are you”? Whispered the pipsqueak of a dragon. At home at last! Said Darcy as she sighed in relief. SPIKE! You should be with magic and jasmine … but I wanted to go and play with Lily sighed spike .Suddenly a loud bang interrupted the peaceful silence. A sudden world wind appeared and started sweeping every one up in one huge ball. Screams and cries echoed across the land. Aubrey’s eyes scrunch up fiercely as this happened. A dragon scarcely appeared. His wings appeared in a brush of wind he shook the hurricane and a tiered girl was in her bed room staring at her oak wood wardrobe...


The Land of Differents By Sanuli Athada aged 7

Once upon a time there was a Queen called queen Clareen she was a fairy from a corner of the hole land it was fairy land. In this story there is a hero now this isn’t a namely a hero her name is poppy but there is a bad person fairy evil oh, no. her dress is black and she has a black wand. This story is all about some children going on advancer. So one day the children were playing outside and when their mum called out Sanuli, Mikayla, Ryan it’s time for bed. So they went to bed. But when they went to bed there was a big bang. What was that.... there was a fairy just sitting there under the chimney they looked courses and said who are you? were are you from? She said I was sent by my queen she said. Also I have a problem the fairy Evil is on the loose and the children said Sanuli do you know who fairy E she said no ark, her the fairy said she is So as morning fell the children had breakfast and they told their mum that they are going to play. So they went with the fairy to there. So they went on.

First they travelled through Mountain ice. Next they went to Volcanoes land and if you step near a volcanoe it will burst. So they went carefully. They past animal crazy. Finally there got to fairy land when they were there they all asked the fairy so what is next? Well said the fairy what need to do is first we need to do is find the evil fairy. But she could cast a spell on you.

So we need to go through all that ? when they found the evil fairy dark wood’s. Yes replied the fairy. So awkwardly they walked through the woods. When they reached the evil fairy’s castle they gasped.......What is that, well that is the castle we have been waiting for. No said Sanuli the big animal well is it snoring well yes that’s the fairy. So the fairy snore’s ! well yes.... no. So they went into the castle and they found the fairy and then suddenly the fairy woke up ! Oh no the fairy said to herself that she is going to do something evil. Her idea was that she is going to take a unicorn out from animal crazy.So the children set of as fast as they could and Mikayal said that we need to hurry.But they were too late. The evil fairy has all ready set the animal free. So they ran to the other side of animal crazy as quick as they could and at last they found the unicorn. Ryan thought that it was a relief. Also Sanuli said that we must find the fairy. So the children found the fairy and went home.


Alex’s adventure by Zijie Zhou aged 7




David in Danger by Emma Butler aged 8

High in the sky, higher than the tallest building, there was a mysterious place in the sky. In this world a hero was born... This hero may seem normal but was actually quite special. In another destination there was a viscous child born, thirsty for blood. These 2 children had nothing in common. One was cheery and had a good attitude, while the other had a fiery temper and wanted to rule everything.

When the children grew up, they met together just so they could have endless arguments. David, the air god, was not the arguing type but Donna, the death god, liked to go on and on until night fall. About the worlds. In David’s world, you could walk on air, float on clouds and of course you can fly whenever you liked. However, in Donna’ s old , dirty dungeon there was nothing to do at all!

Now, Donna may be mean but she has been trying to KILL David! One day she crawled through David’s cloud wall thinking, these guys have no protection, I can kill this guy easily. But David knew all about Donna’s secret plans, but did not ever tell her. Whenever Donna went, she always came out again. This was because David tortured her by saying “Good morning Donna and how are we today?” Then Donna would crawl back, muttering to herself “What is wrong with men these days?” That’s when the troubles began. One day, Donna broke all the buildings that kept the air alive “No!!!!!!” David yelled as she slashed her scalpel through a cloud. The person on it screamed and fell down. That was it “GET OUT OF HERE!” roared David in his most vicious voice. Everyone fainted. Donna looked.

The next day, David was in his room, packing his suitcase. Only this morning he had said, “This ugly mug has been mean to us once too often, I must fight back and I must do it alone!” Now that command was real. He flew over the spiky gate to Donna’s room full of scared , and a little bit scared.

spiders. “Are you ready?” hissed Donna. She took out her scalp and David grabbed his cloud bombs.

This was the big moment. David knew Donna’s Weak spot. It was her heart of blood. Then a mysterious thing happened. Donna opened her mouth wide and showed some razor sharp teeth sticking out of her mouth. She smiled and stared at David’s worried face.

“Time to say goodbye David” she hissed. But David lunged. He aimed and threw a bomb right at his target “See you later DONNA” He yelled, running as fast as lightning and jumping over the spiky wall. Just then a fume of gassy smoke rose. David stared at the remain of Donna. Citizens were crowding round, whooping and cheering with excitement. David stayed silent. This was the great day. A secret, that’s what it was. One he would never share, no matter what the citizens said.

The End


By Sam Baldry aged 9

Ones there was a boy called Josh. This boy had some amazing powers he was a shape shifter Josh had really wanted to be in a big battle with the evil. But everyone said that it was too dangerous for him.

Josh was going to White field. As nice as it sounds White field has a very bad history. And worse the evil villain jack, who was Josh’s half brother, was returning! Josh and his family didn’t know that Jack was coming back to White field. Many years ago Jack wanted to rule all wizards when he was older. But as he got older he found out it was not going to be easy... when he got older only 30 wizards wanted him to lead. Jack know if he wanted to be king he would have to do it the hard way. When Josh heard that Jack was coming back he knew it was his only chance to be in a big battle.

At Josh’s first day he learned the password to The world of wizardry and took some lessons on how to defend himself. Then when he was walking down a gloomy corridor he saw Jack but he wasn’t moving or blinking. Josh didn’t know it was Jack as he had only heard of Jack and never seen him. Half way throw the corridor he stopped there was a giant wall of spider webs in front of him he started to walk back out of the corridor when suddenly a cage fell from the ceiling luckily it missed him! The only problem was the cage was blocking the exit he was trapped. Jack slowly started to talk he said “Jack is my name”. Josh was terrified he didn’t know what to do he started to walk and remembered the hologram spell. He turned around pulled out his wand and turned the cage into a hologram. Josh walked out of the dark corridor.

On his second day josh learned how to make chemical X .At free time Josh showed his friends he had trapped Jack. But Jack had disappeared and the corridor was a wall. Suddenly there was a loud bang followed by a fizz a pop and one more awfully loud bang! Then a booming voice shouting “you can walk away from me you can try to trap me but you won’t get away with it, Josh.” Followed by sixteen bangs his and fourteen other classes ran to the escape route. Josh ran but not to the escape route to the gates that Jack had blown a hole through. There were too many people protecting Jack. Josh heard if you turned a human into a hologram they would desiderate. Josh desiderated over ¼ of Jacks army. Jack started firing spells but Jack was too weak. Jack couldn’t do anything without his army Jack could only run. He ran while he was running he a spell shot him on the arm and it was a life mark! Josh ran into the woods and was never seen again.

The End.


By Leah Lewis aged 9

A long time ago in a kingdom

Much weirder than ours there was lots of mushrooms.

A hero was being born. Outside the house the grass was dancing whilst the wind whistled.

Also there was a little girl asleep called Lottie. She was

Very cheeky and also very noisy she loved sleeping.

The hero was being born in Lottie’s house at number 10 magic place. His name was flamy he was a dragon. Lottie was very pleased with the new arrival.

People kept on coming to their

House to see flamy.

Suddenly Lottie hears her mum shouting “lunch”.

“Coming” shouts Lottie half asleep.

In slug street there were weirder things happing a baby was being born. Her name is going to be crystal, which is a very nice name, but not a very nice person.



In meadow way crystal was stomping her way to chestnut town. she was really angry with flamy, who is a hero, the dragon. F lamy started singing very loudly LA OL LO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

trembling. “Shut up” said crystal.


Everyone friends

Flamy went to Lottie’s

school to see if the school was blocked with mushroom or is it safe.

Walking sleepily flamy arrived. ”few “said flamy. Lottie came out of school and Lottie saved flamy from being hurt by crystal. Lottie talked to them both. Then they all made friends happily ever after.



By Luke Moore aged 9

I woke up, everything is colourful why? I thought. I Ran towards a person, who was walking around, and I asked him “were am I?” “Dream Land!” said the man. “What’s your name” I said “My name is Johnny” said Johnny “what’s yours” said Johnny “Kevin” I said. “Are you new? If you are go to the headmaster’s office” said Johnny “ok where is it?” I said “go through those two gates and take a left and then you will see a little hut” said Johnny. I walked over to the headmaster’s office and knocked on his door. “Come in!” someone said “I walked in and said “Johnny told me to come here” “Ah Johnny He’s a nice chap” said The Headmaster “What do you do here?” I questioned “Well you can just say what you want then it happens!” Exclaimed The Headmaster. “Wow!” I Screamed “I know!” The Headmaster said quietly “So go to year one because you look about 5-6” Said the Headmaster “were exactly is that?” I questioned. “Just through those two doors and take a right and there should be a sign saying Year 1”. I walked excitedly to the Class room I knocked on the door and said “I’m new” “sit down in the chair next to you” she said I sat down and said to someone next to me “what lesson is this?” “How to get what you want when you want Just in Three whole words!” said the boy. “Just say, I want cheese then you will get it” the teacher said. Cheese magically appeared in the Teachers hand. “Wow!”I thought “try and get one sweet” said the Teacher. “I want 20 sweets” I said. Out of nowhere. I heard “Stop right there I only said one sweet!”The teacher screamed “stop this wish and scold this kid!” Said the teacher in a poem voice. And then my wish stopped and I got told “only 20 SWEETS!!”Shouted the Teacher “you didn’t say just one did you?” I nervously said. It was dream play. Something looked weird, the world was changing to dark fluffy stuff, everyone started to run to a big hall so I followed all the people. The Headmaster was there and all the teachers were there to, “WHAT’S HAPENNING!!!!!!!” I screamed to Johnny “I heard somebody has stolen the reactor to this kingdom!” Johnny said quietly so no one would worry. “Well I’m going to get it back!” I said. I ran to into a forest, which was black and fluffy. It was very dark and spooky. But when hopes seemed lost, I found a hut! I knocked on the door and said “I am looking for a reactor that someone stole do you know who stole it?” the man said to me back “yes, but why would I tell you?” “TELL ME OR ELSE!” I exclaimed “Calm it!” said the man “here take it!” said the man. When my mum woke me up for school!

The End!


By Leigha Holgate aged 10

Once upon time there lived a could . It was a magic cloud. It can talk and had a baby cloud. he was just learning to talk. It is called Lola . on Lola her mum spotter something strange. as she got older each year a part of a Kassel grows out of her head and a fiery her and the fiery became best friends they until one day a fiery died it was awful I did not know what to do never did eney of the fears .

It was as if my hart snapped in two million pits I could not think I was dizzy . she got rushed down to pixy palace she sore doctor dusty the doctor just before she was about to give up she starter to breath. I screed so excitedly we saved her we went to crical Cassel we invited every one . I was so happy . And I lived.


Get out of this dimension

By Josh Cranham aged 9

Once there was a boy born but this was no ordinary boy for he was a gamer. A gamer is a person who loves games and can travel through game vortexes .game vortexes are simply consoles or TVs or any game playing electronic. To activate a game vortex you need to have a special controller that only gamers can hold. One day Kevin wanted to play his Xbox. He did but then he saw a secret button and pressed it and bang in he goes into his hard drive which is a secret island!

At hard drive island a glitch was taking over one of Kevin’s personal favourites Minecraft! That was until Kevin came plonking on his head and the glitch ran away as fast as a cheetah. As all the dumb villagers came out from the well and stopped burying their self with gravel and started bowing down at him! At first he felt a little royal but when he moved they formed a square around him and moved around with him. Now that stopped him from feeling royal. He tried thinking of a way to escape and BINGO. He just needed to make a sword wait that’s a little harsh let me think of another way and BINGO...AGAIN. All he needed to do is get some emeralds but how he checked his inventory and yes he had one. Just like a dog all of them paid attention to the emerald and as Kevin threw the emerald he ran as fast as he could and he escaped and was out of the village. As he ran he saw that the sun was coming down and uh ho he just saw his first creeper .now he was in more trouble than before and before you know it another creeper blew him u. well that was a waste of a game.

The next game he had was Pac-man! He was not a ghost or Pac-man but he was ...Pac-man food? Oh no! And here comes PAC-MAN RIGHT NOW RUNNN! WHILE Kevin the Pac-man food was running for his life he saw the ghosts were trying to protect him! He wanted to get out of this game and then pop. He was out of the game and oh wow. He was in... Minecraft again. He was not happy with this and all because of those villagers now he met an independent man, who was very short, and he was right next to him! He jumped and ran away as if he drank a speed potion but he did not. He ran like the flash and ended up in a lair. He went in and saw HEROBRINE! He fought him like a boss and used his power against him lightning and it...disintegrated him and all of a sudden he was back in his room. Trees waved at him at him. At the end he got home and ran to his mum to tell her.


Weekdays for the win!

By Rhianna Stoddart aged 9

One day on Monday, the first creature to wake up was Monday (Not surprising at all) but Monday was so loud he woke up his fellow brothers. His brother’s names are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He found his brothers annoying but sometimes fun. Even though Monday’s brothers disliked Monday at that moment they still went downstairs to eat some delicious breakfast and have some fun. (1 hour later!)” Guys we forgot that we have a big big very important meeting with Dave in half an hour. So we need to get ready for it “said Thursday. “Ooohh” said Wednesday. “We better get going then “said Tuesday. (Half an hour later!) “Were here” said Friday. “Just in time “said Dave “So you are here today because we have got some very very very bad news “said Dave. “Saturday and Sunday are plotting to steal ... holidays “said Dave.”So it’s your mission to stop them “said Dave.

“Eeeerrgh, those nasty little weekdays think they can stop us from making holidays weekends “said Sunday.

“Oooohh”said Sunday. “That’s what we can call ourselves. The Weekends” said Sunday. “I’m liking it “said Saturday. “The weekends will destroy the Weekdays” said Sunday. “Now where’s my machine that hasn’t got a name yet” said Sunday. “Over here madam and I’m thinking we can call it the end – o -tron”said Saturday. “Perfect perfect” said Sunday whilst clapping.” Now let’s get this baby started” said Sunday. “The holidays will be ours!” screamed Sunday. “Not so fast sunny” said Thursday. “Saturday how did Thursday get the key “said Sunday (Angrily).” Ooohh” said Saturday. “Don’t worry about that get him!” screamed Sunday. So Saturday got his freeze ray and started shooting at Thursday. But then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday came sprinting in to help Thursday. “Weekdays to the rescue oh oh ooohhh Weekends are done for” sang Monday. “Nice song “said Tuesday. “ Thanks” replied Monday. “Are you finished cause we got to kick some buts “said Friday. “Saturday” said Sunday. “Alright alright” said Saturday.

(3 hours later)!!! “Hey Sunday how about you doing some work around here!” screamed Saturday.

“I “said Sunday in a high pitched voice.

“Yeah you. You know what I’m out of here” said Saturday. So Saturday took his pocket size freeze ray out of his pocket and surrendered it. Again he placed his w.w, which stands for: Weekend wins badge in and shook Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays hand and said “I’m glad to be a part of your mighty, powerful, cool and awesome team “said Saturday. “Thanks “ replied Friday.



Minney and Herc

By Alice Smallbone aged 9

Hi I’m Miney and this is my life. This world is far away from yours and I’m going to tell you all about it. There’s cheese house that I’m in of course, then there’s cheese burrow- in there, is a mouse called Herc he’s really nice. Next, there’s the twit twoo forest its field with spooky owls. No mouse would dare to go in there unless you a forager like me. Everyone says I’m the best. It’s a work of art; it’s in my family bones! “Line up.”

That’s my cue. Come on, let’s go. I’ve just remembered its golden nut day, which ever tribe gets it will be crowned best tribe ever. It’s a glory. No mouse has ever got it yet but I will be the first mouse ever to get it. Now it’s time. “GO.” The training coach says. “Get me that golden nut” he yells at us. As we got in there, wind whistled and it made me shiver plus the trees were swaying and the leaves were dancing down of the tree.

I can see the golden nut but Hercs seen it to. I don’t know what to do. “COME BACK the sneaky, mean owl, who have horrible claws, are leaving the nests.” Really all ready. Ill soon get it when I sneak out...

Mum I’m going to bed! Time to roll.

Swinging through the trees is awesome. That golden nut is just over there. “GOT YA” Please don’t eat me. “You got this lovely mouse then I will get you” cried Herc. I’m thinking now, he must be trying to get the golden nut. “So let me take you home” I need to get the golden nut first “oh lets go.” Let me make it a game whoever gets it can be the one who takes it to the tribe.

Mum I need to speak with you “why” it’s important “ok talk” well I like someone from cheese burrow he’s called Herc “I forbid you to see him “what bu..” no buts just go to your room.” I am so annoyed! I need to come up with a plan.

I am going to give eagle the nut so he can capture my mum and Hercs dad so we become head mice!

The next day. It’s my coronation day and Hercs. This is so amazing. “I’ll now present Miney as our new queen.” In cheese burrow herc has just gotten coroneted as well. I would like to say something herc, the new king of cheese burrow, and I are getting married. We have changed the law so our burrows can unite. I hope they get along...