Delight overalbum releasefor Deborah

Deborah Bonham’s new album Spirit will be available in limited edition taster format at her Chichester gig at the Chichester Inn on Friday, October 11 at 8.30pm.

Deboirah Bonham.
Deboirah Bonham.

But the big news is that at last it is going to get a proper release, thanks to a brand-new deal with Spectra Records in America.

They will bring it out next March and also push Deborah’s back catalogue - and Deborah is delighted. It will be the end of a long road of frustrations and negotiations.

Various other options have been on the table, including 18 months spent negotiating a deal with Universal, but things either didn’t feel right or fell through.

“We were eventually in the position where we just thought that we were going to have to do it ourselves. We did a limited edition tour release so that people could buy it at the shows this year.

“We just thought that we should get that part of the year out the way and release it ourselves in October, and then out of the blue, we got Spectra Records.

“They are the biggest independent in America, and it’s absolutely perfect for us.

“Their main guy there just gets it, just gets what we are doing.

“He thinks there is a market for our music and our age group,” says Deborah, who lives just outside Chichester and is the sister of the late great Led Zeppelin drummer John.

“The new album is a country blues rock album, I guess. I used Robert Plant’s drummer from the Band Of Joy.

“We did the album here in Chichester and in Nashville. Chichester is musically on the map!

“We recorded the drums down the road from my house and then went to Nashville. It’s not a country album, but it has got a country rock feel to it in places. It has got a bit of Eagles, a bit of Fleetwood Mac, quite a bit of edge. It’s probably the more commercial album that I have done. I just can’t wait to get it out.

“I have really gone back to my roots with this album. When I first started in music, I did everything on acoustic guitar. It was very folk country rock that I was doing, and then I went more into blues rock, but now I have gone back with the song-writing element to an acoustic guitar.

“I didn’t want to keep doing the same thing. It’s still got the big bluesy ballads, but you have got to keep trying to do something new all the time. You have got to move on.”

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