Dunsfold Wings and Wheels: Mitchell Bomber returns to aerodrome

Some 70 years after the B-25 Dutch Mitchell Bomber first arrived at Dunsfold Aerodrome it will be back in our skies for Wings & Wheels on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August thanks to the generous support of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight.
Wings and WheelsWings and Wheels
Wings and Wheels

It was August of 1943 when the menacing silhouette of the first of the North American B-25 Mitchells was spotted in the skies above Dunsfold.

The aircraft was easily recognisable due to its twin tail rudders, two engines and unusual tricycle undercarriage which, although very much the norm today, was a daring innovation of its time.

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The aircraft was used in the defence of the country and in connection with the Allied invasion and liberation of occupied Europe and continued to be based at Dunsfold Aerodrome until 1946.

Following the Mitchells’ participation in D-Day, they were billed as ‘Heroes of the Night’.

Jamie McAllister, Event Director commented: “The Dutch Mitchell Bombers and the squadrons who flew them contributed significantly to Dunsfold Aerodrome’s defining Second World War achievements. It is only fitting that we are able to celebrate 70 years since their arrival here with a stunning display at Wings & Wheels.”

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