DVD review: Eddie the Eagle (3 out of 5)

The story of Eddie '˜the Eagle' Edwards is remarkable and one that was just crying out for a movie.

Eddie the Eagle
Eddie the Eagle

It’s a tale of determination and self-belief in the face of intense opposition.

Against all the odds, Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards became Great Britain’s representative in the 1988 Winter Olympics, ski jumping his way into the history books.

He was the country’s first competitor in the event since 1929 and won the hearts of the British public for his never say die attitude.

The movie uses the basic elements of that story to create a fun and heart-warming story - in reality Eddie’s journey to fame was far tougher and involved far more hard work than is depicted.

Taron Egerton looks remarkably like Eddie, even down to some of the gestures.

Director Dexter Fletcher makes sure we can laugh with our star but also brings out sympathy as the Olympic hopeful battles against bureaucracy.

It always helps having an A-list star in the ranks and Hugh Jackman certainly adds a lot to the plot as Eddie’s trainer and former ski jump champion Bronson Peary. However, in reality the character never existed.

But if you accept that this isn’t a faithful telling of the real story then it’s great fun and an enjoyable feel-good look at a time when you could compete in the Olympics whatever your skills.