DVD review: Origin Wars (3 out of 5)

Surprisingly, there haven't been that many movies that stake a claim from the outset for a franchise.

Origin Wars
Origin Wars

It’s a rather brave thing to do, especially if the first film fails to impress.

Origin Wars most definitely does stake a claim and hopefully it’ll do enough business to actually come up with some follow-ups.

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It’s set in a time of interplanetary colonisation and Sy (Kellan Lutz) manages to escape from a pretty brutal prison full of very unpleasant characters, including the warden.

The prison has been used as a giant laboratory to create some very vicious creatures (even more vicious than the inmates!).

Meanwhile, Kane (Daniel MacPherson) works for the EXOR military contractor which has been involved in the prison experiments.

He does a runner when he finds out about what’s happening, particularly the worrying fact that the planet is about to be cleansed after the creatures escape.

The movie is divided into chapters to further enhance the whole impression that this is just the start of the story.

And the tale ends with plenty of really interesting plot threads to be investigated.

Hopefully, the potential will be followed up as this could be end up being a highly entertaining series.

Lionsgate UK has released Origin Wars as a digital download and it will be on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 24.