DVD review: The Lazarus Effect (7 out of 10)

The question of what happens to us when we die has been debated since Man first started scratching his head and thinking.

The Lazarus Effect
The Lazarus Effect

The film industry has also touched on the subject a few times and mostly told us the simple message - don’t come back from the dead!

The Lazarus Effect enforces this.

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A group of medical students are working on restoring dogs back to life and have a major breakthrough.

However, Rover isn’t in the same state of mind when he returns.

During another experiment the chief scientist’s wife is killed so it’s obvious... wire her up and drag her back from death.

But there’s something rather unpleasant that also wants to make the return journey.

Mark Duplass is Frank, the man in charge of the experiment and Olivia Wilde is his wife Zoe.

They provide solid enough performances and the rest of the team help create a tense atmosphere, with the director chucking in plenty of jump shocks.

However, there’s nothing particularly new here, although it’s fun trying to spot the many influences the writers seem to have drawn on.

Overall this is a sound horror story that you might want to get ready for a scary Hallowe’en night.

Film details: The Lazarus Effect (15) 83mins

Director: David Gelb

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Evan Peters