Everything you need to know about the new Bognor Regis-set comedy Don’t Forget The Driver

Toby Jones has created a new BBC comedy set in Bognor Regis. Here is where you can see it and what it is about.
Don't Forget the Driver (C) Sister PicturesDon't Forget the Driver (C) Sister Pictures
Don't Forget the Driver (C) Sister Pictures

When is it on television? Tuesday, April 9, BBC Two, 10pm

What is it? A new comedy set in the seaside town of Bognor Regis, this is the first piece of writing for television from Bafta Award-winner Toby Jones and Obie Award winner Tim Crouch.

Sounds interesting: Don’t Forget The Driver observes the beauty and ugliness of life in small-town Britain, following a group of people struggling with their sense of identity and place in the world.

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Is Toby Jones in it? Toby Jones stars as coach driver Peter Green, who lives a life of ordinary routine, troubled by his disaffected daughter Kayla (Erin Kellyman) and ailing mum Joy (Marcia Warren). Overworked and overwhelmed, Peter is frustrated by the lack of support from his brother Barry (Toby Jones), who has emigrated to Australia.

What’s the first episode about? The trip of the day is Dunkirk, as Green and his co-driver Squeaky Dave (Danny Kirrane) prepare to take a group of pensioners to visit the war graves in France. But what should be an ordinary day is turned upside down when the docile town of Bognor is confronted with two unexpected arrivals.

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