Film festival continues in Chichester

Oppenheimer is among the films (contributed pic)Oppenheimer is among the films (contributed pic)
Oppenheimer is among the films (contributed pic)
Our Film Festival is a fantastic opportunity to do more than just watch films. Meet the Filmmakers on Friday 18 is presented by a trio of award-winning producers and writers. They will discuss films they have worked on including Mrs Brown, Charlotte Gray and Brideshead Revisited.

We also welcome James Glancy for a Q&A following his documentary Afghanistan in which he returns to the troubled country he fought in to discover whether it was worth it. While he was there the American forces suddenly withdrew. This is sure to be a fascinating film and discussion.

Neil Brand will be back with us with his take on Laurel & Hardy. Fully illustrated with stills, clips (both silent and sound) and Neil’s superlative piano accompaniment and culminating in two of the Boys’ best silent short films, Big Business and Liberty, this is a show that promises gales of laughter throughout. We have a tribute to Jane Birkin with the sultry La Piscine. This was a late addition which you can find online. Marianne and Jean-Paul spend their vacation in a villa on the French Riviera near St-Tropez. Marianne invites her former lover, Harry, and his teenage daughter to stay…tensions rise. The UK premier of The Trouble with Jessica is followed by a Q&A with director Matt Winn. In the film, Sarah and Tom, a successful London professional couple, panic after their friend Jessica kills herself in their garden just as they are on the brink of selling the house for some urgently-needed cash.

Richard Warburton