Life-size Dalek let loose in Horsham!

Capitol in Horsham - a Dalek with its owner Jack Lane. Contributed picCapitol in Horsham - a Dalek with its owner Jack Lane. Contributed pic
Capitol in Horsham - a Dalek with its owner Jack Lane. Contributed pic
In honour of the 60th anniversary of the first-ever episode of Doctor Who later this year, The Capitol in Horsham is displaying a full-size Dalek.

Spokeswoman Tracey Grubb said: “What makes this display particularly special is the connection between Horsham and the Daleks. Ray Cusick, a long-time resident of Horsham, made a remarkable contribution to the Doctor Who franchise by designing these beloved and fearsome villains. The display pays tribute to Cusick's artistic genius and the indelible mark he left on the world of Doctor Who.

“Joining the life-size Dalek is another beloved character from the series, K9. Fans of Doctor Who will delight in seeing this faithful robotic companion alongside its metallic foe.

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"The Dalek and K9 models are kindly on loan from actor/producer Jack Lane, who also lives in Horsham, adding an authentic touch to the exhibition.

The Capitol invites residents and visitors to explore this captivating display and immerse themselves in the rich history and cultural significance of Doctor Who. The Dalek and K9 exhibit will be available for viewing from 1.30pm daily at The Capitol for a limited time, providing a unique opportunity for fans and enthusiasts alike.”

Tracey added: “We are thrilled to bring a piece of Doctor Who history to Horsham.

"The Daleks are iconic figures in British television and we're proud to honour the creative legacy of Ray Cusick, a Horsham resident who played a significant role in their design.”

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For more information and to plan your visit to The Capitol, visit, contact The Capitol box office on 01403 750220 or email: [email protected]

As for The Daleks, they are one of the most feared races in the universe.

Their creator, Davros only has one intention, destroying all life apart from Dalek life.

The Doctor has stopped them on several occasions but somehow they just keep coming back. They appeared in the second Doctor Who story called The Dead Planet in 1963 and come from the planet Skaro some time in the future.

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