FILM REVIEW: Weekender

DIRECTOR Karl Golden fondly recalls the hedonistic 1990s Manchester club scene in this nostalgic drama that dances to the same beat as 24 Hour Party People and Human Traffic.

Best friends Matt (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Dylan (Jack O’Connell) immerse themselves in the club scene with their mates and the two young men decide to try their luck organising raves at dilapidated warehouses.

Having hired two surly men as bouncers, Matt and Dylan begin to rake in serious cash as locals flock to their hastily organised parties.

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However, local drug dealers and rival club organisers resent any infringement on their turf, and greed and ambition gradually cloud Matt and Dylan’s judgment, propelling the two men down divergent paths.

By Damon Smith

(15, 90 mins)

Released: September 2 (UK, selected cinemas)