FILM REVIEW: World of the Zombie Diaries 2 (18)

In the belated sequel to their 2006 film, writer-directors Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates return to a post-apocalyptic world overrun with the undead for this blood-spattered sequel.

It has been three months since a viral outbreak eliminated most of the world’s population, transforming the infected into flesh-crazed zombies. A group of soldiers and civilians seeks refuge in military barracks in the countryside where the survivors receive a message from another military base on the coast, confirming the existence of other survivors across Europe. The living dead storm the barracks and the soldiers and civilians are forced to head for the coast, avoiding both the undead and the gangs of bandits who roam the highways and dole out their sick and twisted version of justice. Bartlett and Gates’s film will be released simultaneously on DVD.

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By Damon Smith

Released: June 24 (UK, selected cinemas), 88 mins