FILM: Trust (15)

The perils of online relationships are made abundantly clear in David Schwimmer’s second directorial feature.

Annie Cameron (Liana Liberato) is a vivacious and pretty 14-year-old, who enjoys her chats online with a 16-year-old boy called Charlie. Through their conversations and telephone calls, Annie surmises that Charlie is a lot older than he claims and when they finally meet, she discovers Charlie (Chris Henry Coffey) is in fact 35 years old. At first Annie is annoyed by the deception but Charlie plies her with compliments and she allows him to take her virginity. The girl tells best friend Brittany, who involves the police and they attempt to track down and arrest Charlie. However, he disappears without trace, so Annie’s father Will (Clive Owen) initiates his own enquiries, determined to track down the predator who exploited his little girl’s innocence. As obsession takes hold, Will’s marriage to his wife Lynn (Catherine Keener) suffers and he also fails to perform at work.

By Damon Smith

Released: July 8 (UK, selected cinemas), 106 mins

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