"In awe of the landscapes, light and atmosphere around me"

Frenchman Victor Braun, a Chichester resident since 2015, offers an exhibition of painting at the city's Oxmarket Gallery from March 13-25.

Victor Braun
Victor Braun

Victor explained: “It will be an exhibition of paintings made between 2016 and now. My work is based on emotional projection. I try to reach an emotion, feel it, live it and carve this onto the canvas. In the application phase, I treat the entire surface with brushes or sponge but also materials and tools that are not generally found in art shops. I am trying to utilise tools differently in order to find new textures and relief, along with building the pictures graphically in pursuit of some horizontality. The idea behind is to offer new horizons.

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“Working since 2010 in confined areas, the notions of oppression and the need to escape are omnipresent in my work. I confront darkness and light, looking for contrast to sublimate colour. My emotions are my motivation: the feeling of a place, a moment, a poem or an idea. Travelling and spending time learning about new cultures is feeding my creativity as much as listening to music and reading. I have always been inspired to create and express myself with different types of medium. From the beaches of Normandy to growing up in the vast terrain of the Alps and finally studying in Paris. I have consistently been in awe of the landscapes, light and atmosphere around me.”