Lancing and Sompting u3a

Lancing and Sompting u3a are pleased to announce that our next monthly meeting will be on Monday 6th February at the Lancing Parish Hall, South Street at 2-4pm.
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Our guest speaker is from the Sussex Wildlife Trust with a talk entitled “On Natures Side - our work with Sussex Communities” Entrance £2. All welcome.

Sussex Wildlife Trust believe that connecting with nature should be a really important part of everybody's life, whatever their age. A healthy environment relies on people who care. People who spend time in natural spaces care more about environmental issues and seek out natural spaces.

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That's why they are working in local communities all across Sussex to help engage with and re-connect people with nature through their nature-based community projects.

Many issues they need to deal with to support nature's recovery are at such a large scale that they can only tackle them by working together with communities, government organisations, landowners and others. Sussex Wildlife Trust is working at a landscape and river catchment scale to deliver and support partnership projects wherever they can.

Returning to the Lancing Parish Hall, being a larger facility, means we can cope with many more people, so do encourage your friends and neighbours to come and discover what we have to offer.

u3a is formally known as the University of the Third Age.