Lem and The White Fire make their Festival of Chichester debut

Chichester's Lem and The White Fire make their Festival of Chichester debut with a gig at The Chichester Inn, West Street, Chichester on Friday, June 29 at 8pm.


Devised by quirky vocal powerhouse Lem Parker and co-writer Marcus Crowe, the collective encompasses guitars, drums, piano, trumpets and saxophones to create a rich and infectious sound.

They will be playing the Chichester Inn as an eight-piece, Lem said.

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Lem is offering a discount code should anyone want 50 per cent off tickets. The code is Lemonfresh50.

“This is the first time we have been involved in the Festival of Chichester,” Lem said. “A friend of mine Olivia, who does Ruby Tiger, pushed me into it, and it is nice to do something for the city and perhaps also to get a different clientele.

“The band has been going for five or six years. I was working in a music shop in Portsmouth and I bumped into Marcus who is my co-writer, and we wrote the album, just called Lem and The White Fire, which came out a couple of years ago.

“The White Fire is supposedly an Indian spirit who looks after my family. It just popped into my head! I was just talking to my mum about it, and I said ‘Let’s ask White Fire!’

“And I just thought ‘That’s a good name!’”

“Marcus and I write in the studio. It is all organic, all original material, and all of our songs are written from the heart.

“We write all the different parts for all the various different instruments.”

The current eight-piece features Lem, bass guitar, guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, sax and percussion.

As for the sound, think Imelda May, says Lem: “It is soul pop, I would say.

“I don’t write unless I am in the studio. I just need to be in the zone, in the space. But I write about life and positivity and different life scenarios and things that have happened to me in the past.

“It is just a reflection of life. Most of it is upbeat, but I have got a few ballads in there as well.”

Currently Lem is working with a new producer in London to redo the album.

“I just wanted to redo it, to restructure it and just add a few bits and bobs.

“A friend of mine who worked in the music industry said ‘Perhaps, Lem, some of your music is really suitable for film or film work’, and so I just need to adjust it a little bit.”

Lem is hoping to get the new version of the album out before too long, perhaps by the end of the summer.

Tickets for the gig are £10; seniors and students £9. Over-18s only.

Book your tickets online www.thenovium.org/boxoffice. Email: [email protected] Call 01243 816525 or 775888.

In person: The Novium, Tower Street, Chichester, PO19 1QH