Magical realismto play

Another Story Theatre Company brings For The Trumpets Shall Sound by Gaelle Stark-Ordish to Brighton’s Marlborough Theatre on January 23 and 24.

Spokeswoman Sophie Enever explains: “The play takes place between England, 2001 and France during the Great War. There is an element of magical realism to the play with the present day transforming into the past from out of the pages of a diary.

“Ruth and her son Jamie are sorting through boxes when they come across a photograph album, some letters and a diary dating from 1916. The diary belonged to Ruth’s grandfather and she has never seen it before. They also come across a number of photographs of a man whom Ruth knows nothing about, but he certainly seems to have known both of her grandparents well…

“Persuaded by Jamie, Ruth begin to read the diary, and the attic in which she is sitting is transformed into the trenches, hospitals and cafes of France 1916, and Jamie into Lieutenant James Wilmington, his great-grandfather.

“There is a family secret to be found within the pages of the diary that James was in love with another man, Robert, who was tragically killed. She also learns that Robert was her grandmother’s favourite cousin. Along with Ruth we discover the harsh reality of love in war and of relationships formed under fire, when all was far from fair…”

Sophie added: “Another Story Theatre Company is a young company creating new productions on themes that we find to be thought-provoking, and seeking to provide a space for people of a wide variety of ages to engage with theatre. They are passionate about working with performers or theatre-makers starting out on their professional careers.”