Masterful performance as Harry Dean Stanton bows out with Lucky

Harry Dean Stanton was an amazing actor - as a lead, in supporting roles and even in cameos he gave his all and was a natural.

Harry Dean Stanton in Lucky
Harry Dean Stanton in Lucky

In a remarkably long career many would be aware of his role as Brett in the 1979 Alien movie.

However, he first made an impact on me as the lead in 1984’s Paris, Texas - a haunting film about redemption and reconnecting with life.

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His final film Lucky reminds me of that movie.

The setting, the limited dialogue, the music and the feel of the film are similar - except that Paris, Texas had a plot.

Lucky is a snapshot of a man in his dotage; an atheist in a remote town who lives a set orderly life but who is all too aware of his own impending mortality.

Through a series of personal experiences, discussions and observations we watch as Lucky comes to realise just what life is about and how to come to terms with an existence that has no room for religion.

Stanton, who died last year, is quite superb and there are sublime performances from the likes of Ed Begley Jr, Tom Skerritt and Ron Livingston.

Plus David Lynch, the iconic director, has a superb pivotal role.

Full credit to Lucky’s debut director John Carroll Lynch who just lets the actors take the lead and leaves the audience to interpret what’s going on.

It certainly isn’t a film that will find universal favour, though.

If you like a defined plot, with a beginning and an end then you’ll be disappointed.

But if you want to watch a master of the screen bow out with a masterful performance and are prepared to think about a movie rather than be spoon-fed then you’ll love this.

Film details: Lucky (15) 88mins - 4 out of 5 stars

Director: John Carroll Lynch

Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston

Screening courtesy of Horsham Capitol