Music man Jack turned his life round

Four years ago, Jack Savoretti quit making music. He’d had enough – of scratching a living as an independent artist, of business bust-ups, of being touted as a soon-to-be star.

He’d spent two years in legal dispute with a former manager and seen the release of his second album so botched it barely came out. He was 26 and recently married, with a baby on the way. “I thought that was my run, I’d had fun and now it was time to get a proper job,” says Savoretti. “I was done with music.”

What happened next couldn’t have surprised him more. “As soon as I said, ‘screw this’, I couldn’t stop writing,” he recalls. “I wrote out of anger, although the songs were more of a cry for help. It was the best, most personal music I’d ever made.” That album, 2011’s critically-acclaimed ‘Before The Storm’, saw Savoretti turn a corner. ‘Written In Scars’, is his impressive new album and his first to be released by a major label, with whom he signed earlier this year.

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The sole track that looks back is ‘Nobody ‘Cept You’, a beautiful cover of an obscure Bob Dylan song that Savoretti discovered at his lowest ebb.

“It’s definitely nerve wracking recording a Dylan song, but thankfully, not many people know it and even fewer have covered it; it’s not ‘Mr Tambourine Man.’ He plays at the DLWP on Sunday March 6 - doors open at 7pm. Tickets £17.50 advanced, £20.50 otd - 01424 229111 or