Pioneers areready tomeet up again

The creators of the Doctor Who soundtrack are to reform for a performance at the University of Chichester next month.

British electronic group the Radiophonic Workshop will be playing songs from their original repertoire at a day-long event on Friday, April 11.

The pioneering quintet, who were the original sound effects unit for the BBC during the 1950s, will also be talking about their half century of music with the audience.

The group, who were home to engineers and musical innovators, used handmade synths, oscillators and tape loops to create tracks for television and radio programmes including Horizon, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Newsround.

However its members are best known for creating the title track for hit BBC show Doctor Who, as well as its TARDIS sound effect, which is still used in the re-launched series.

The day-long event, which runs from 10am until 11.30pm, is being held at the institution’s Bishop Otter campus in Chichester.

Adam Locks, from the University’s department of media, said the influence of the Radiophonic Workshop on popular music had been profound.

“From The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, through to many of today’s DJs who have sampled the Workshop’s albums, their legacy continues to grow as new generations of musicians discover their rich catalogue. This intimate performance will cover the 55-year career and the rebirth of one of electro music’s pioneering groups.”

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