Review: Blues-rock duo have an authentic sound

Track: You Know. Artist: Threepenny Thieves (demo)

According to their website Brighton’s acoustic- blues-rock ‘n’ roll duo Threepenny Thieves have known each other since they were six years old.

This really comes through in You Know, which is easy to listen to as the two musicians play effortlessly in sync with each other.

It’s a melodic number about people refusing to be sorry for something that happened in a relationship full of mistrust and self-deceit.

The tune is fairly conventional and creates a cheery atmosphere throughout the track.

However, the lyrics are surprisingly bitter: “Am I sorry about what I said? It’s hard to apologise when the meaning’s dead.” It’s an approach to songwriting that adds complexity and the tune definitely benefits from being played a few times.

The vocals are more spoken than sung but have an authentic sound that should appeal to people who dislike manufactured music. Visit

By Lawrence Smith