REVIEW: Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense, Chichester Festival Theatre, until Saturday, March 7.

Perfect Nonsense indeed. And perfect entertainment too.

Between them Jason Thorp, Robert Webb and Christopher Ryan conjure a terrific evening of fun at its silliest.

The set-up is just a touch laboured as Webb as Wooster explains how he is going to get Jeeves (Thorp) and Seppings (Ryan) to re-enact one of his bonkers adventures.

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But you’re soon into it as, with wonderful comic inventiveness, Jeeves and Seppings improvise around him everything from country house to antiques shop, from car journey to railway crossing.

It’s beautifully done, with Webb spot on as the endlessly-endearing Wooster. His delight at the fact that you can make bath ducks shoot upwards is one of the night’s highlights.

But the scene-stealer is (the rather short) Ryan as the (rather tall) villain Roderick Spode. Absolutely hilarious every time.

Adatped by The Goodale Brothers and directed by Sean Foley, Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense is the perfect antidote to all your day’s hassles. There’s huge skill here as they create ever-accelerating mayhem before our eyes before coasting to a stop to send us back out again into our own little worlds which suddenly seem all the duller by comparison

Phil Hewitt