REVIEW: Keeping Faith '“ released on DVD today.

The twisty-turny thriller which kept us all guessing all summer long gets its UK premiere on DVD today, thanks to Acorn Media International.

Keeping Faith
Keeping Faith

And, on DVD just as on TV from week to week, an extraordinary performance from Eve Myles, star of Broadchurch and Torchwood, remains its greatest asset.

It’s impossible to take your eyes off Myles as the Faith of the title, a lawyer on maternity leave dragged into a nightmare return to work when her husband suddenly disappears.

He also works for the firm, a family business, and it seems obvious that all the answers are in the cases he has taken on. But equally worrying is the fact that just before his disappearance his dear old mum told him something distinctly disturbing.

It falls to Eve to sort it all out, and she soon finds herself wading through a very seamy Welsh underworld, her husband seemingly suspended between two warring and very criminal dynasties.

Just what on earth has he got himself into? Is he the victim or is he complicit? Is he dead or is he on the run?

One thing’s for sure, Faith is going to get precious little help from the police, a good cop/bad cop duo comprising her ineffective brother-in-law and a female detective with an inexplicable vendetta directed directly at Faith.

The more she digs, the more likely she is to become the next victim or end up in jail herself – and Eve Myles dazzles in the role, feisty and cornered, fearless and resourceful but also showing signs of cracking under the unimaginable pressure.

It’s a dazzling performance albeit a dazzling performance in a series which does sag just a little.

Eight episodes is far too long for the storyline, and while it’s true that brooding is clearly one of the series’ aims, the series certainly allows itself to brood just a little too leisurely at times… determined, it seems, to gobble up all the minutes available when less might have been more.

At eight episodes, it’s a very good series; at five episodes, it would have been an outstanding one. Either way, Eve Myles is the stand-out feature.

Title: Keeping Faith Release Date: 3 September 2018

Cat No: AV3420 RRP: £24.99

Running Time: 480 mins approx. on two discs Certificate: 12