Tales of Berliners

With the golden age of Berlin fading, immerse yourself in the tales of Berliners who have sought refuge in the Kabarett.

Berlinernacht by Root Experience is at the Brighton Ballroom from May 16-19 at 8pm.

“With darkness on the horizon, Berlinernacht follows the stories of those who have been used, cast aside and liberated,” said show spokesman Simon Magnus.

“A decadent ballroom hosts this playful site-specific performance that takes a journey through backstage stories, forgotten music and silenced dreams.

“Set in 1930s Berlin, this brand-new show tells the stories of forgotten Berliners at a Kabarett

club clinging onto their identities within growing social friction

“Using original music – unearthed for the first time – from 1920s/30s Berlin (including She’s Got a Big Nazi and Have You Kissed A Fish?), the show takes place in an historic 1940s ballroom, currently under threat of closure, one of Brighton’s most classic venues.”

Established in 2006, Root Experience is a Brighton-based company who have been creating

theatre in the UK and South Korea for the past five years.

“With a focus on the communal nature of theatre, both in performance and in the rehearsal room, Root’s theatre is about creating an exciting experience that surrounds its audience from the moment they enter the space.

“Our performances have been seen in London, Seoul and at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Expect live music, laughs and blushes at this Berlin Kabarett.

Tickets £9 (£7 concs) on 01273 917 272 or book online at www.brightonfestivalfringe.org.uk.