The Favourite: film review - (4 out of 5)

If ever there was a film that had awards written all over it then this is it.

Olivia Coleman in The Favourite
Olivia Coleman in The Favourite

Olivia Coleman has already picked up a gong for her performance and I’ve no doubt there will be more on the way.

The Favourite is beautifully shot with a trio of stunning performances.

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It’s set in the early 18th century with an ageing Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman) who keeps 17 rabbits in tribute to all the children she has lost.

Her close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) effectively rules and keeps the Queen in check.

However, Lady Sarah’s cousin Abigail (Emma Stone), who has fallen on hard times, arrives and is quick to inveigle her way into the Queen’s life.

Who will win in the competition to be the Royal favourite?

Coleman, Weisz and Stone are all in top form and lead the way superbly.

Nicholas Hoult as the government opposition leader Harley is also excellent.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos has come up with a period drama that has his own particular style.

The use of unusual lenses, fairly modern (and often fruity) language and a mix of music and grating sounds for the soundtrack set this apart from the usual films harking back to the past.

There’s also a dance scene that owes more to Strictly Come Dancing than the Royal court.

There is comedy but as the movie progresses it all turns rather dark.

I’m guessing this film won’t appeal to everyone but the performances are worth the ticket money on their own!

Film details: The Favourite (15) 119mins

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Starring: Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz

Screening courtesy of Horsham Capitol