Dinosaurs set to take over Worthing!

Elizabeth Williams loves working with children for the simple reason they will tell you exactly what they think.
Dinosaur funDinosaur fun
Dinosaur fun

“With adults, it is more of an internal thing when they are at the theatre, but if children are bored, they will tell you – just as they will tell you if they are happy or scared or whatever.

“It is much more of an interactive thing.”

And that’s what helps bring it all to life – as Liz is discovering once again with the touring stage show Dinosaur World Live which plays Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre from Friday, July 13-Sunday, July 15.

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The show introduces Miranda, daughter of palaeontologists, who grew up surrounded by dinosaurs on a far-away island off the coast of South America. She has now brought her pre-historic pals to the theatre.

As Liz explains: “Basically, I am Miranda, and I come from an island off the coast of Argentina. We washed up there 25 years ago after going on an expedition after hearing about a mysterious island frozen in time where mysterious beasts are still roaming. There were some dinosaurs that have managed to survive the meteor that wiped out the rest of them.

“But there was a massive storm along the way, and we just about managed to survive by climbing in the lifeboats, me and my parents and a team of palaeontologists. And we ended up on this island where we hear some strange noises… Miranda is really excited now to share her dinosaurs with the world. She has heard that everybody loves dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are these mythical beasts that we are finding out more and more about every single day. There is this blur around exactly where they are from, and that is part of the interest. But we are learning more and more. We have only just recently started making models of them with feathers on! Their closest living relative is actually the chicken! They are fascinating!” Quite why we all love dinosaurs so much probably has a lot to do with the mystery that they still represent to us: “There is a lot that is still unknown about their beginnings, but the interesting thing is that we are making scientific advances all the time so that we can go back and find out what they were like. We are advancing in technology just so that we can go back to the beginning!” The show comes promised as an entertaining and educational live show. Each performance is followed by a post-show meet-and-greet where audience members have the opportunity to meet some of the dinosaurs in person.

“I have done all sorts, but I have loved doing children’s theatre for a long time. We get a lot of children obviously that are coming to the theatre for the first time, and I just love seeing their faces. I still remember my own first discovery of the theatre and my excitement, the feeling of being trapped in a seat and then you are not in a seat any more at all as you get taken to an exciting different world.

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“I love the fact that afterwards half the children tell me that when they grow up they want to be palaeontologists and the other half tell me that when they grow up they want to be actors on a stage!”

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