Eastbourne Shakespeare cut short by Covid pings

Eastbourne Operatic and Dramatic Society (EODS) overcame the odds for a Shakespeare run eventually cut short by Covid.

Petruchio (Mike Barber) and Katerina (Elianna Matisse)
Petruchio (Mike Barber) and Katerina (Elianna Matisse)

A couple of Taming of the Shrew cast members being pinged brought the show to a halt after ten performances.

Company spokesman Paul Walker said the production remained a triumph against plenty of challenges.

“First, last year’s lockdown saw the show’s original director having to seek pastures new – as well as putting the production back by a year.

“New work patterns forced the exit of four key members of the cast.

“The producer and front of house team overcame multiple hurdles to meet stringent Covid-security rules – a challenge they passed with flying colours.

“But after ten days of delivering exceptional entertainment to audiences from Eastbourne and further afield, two cast members, each with major roles, were pinged.

“And so, having taken Covid-related risks seriously, the production team had no choice but to end the run after ten performances – four short of the original plan.

“And what performances they were! Director Jaz Manville’s original and challenging interpretation of Taming of the Shrew clearly delighted audiences and reviewers alike.”