FADS offer The 39 Steps in Ferring

FADS offer The 39 StepsFADS offer The 39 Steps
FADS offer The 39 Steps
FADS director Mike Smith is promising a hilarious adaptation of the original spy thriller The 39 Steps adapted by Patrick Barlow, from the novel by John Buchan.

Tickets to see the Ferring-based company are £12 available from www.ticketsource.co.uk/fad. For more details, you can call 07392 502775.

Company spokesman Roy Stevens said: “Richard Hannay is in a tight spot. He is wanted for the murder of stunning German spy Annabelle Schmidt and finds himself pursued by the police, ruthless heavies and deranged fighter aces. Behind it all lurks the seemingly suave Professor Jordan.

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"He is, however, an enemy agent with a fiendish plan to steal vital British secret technology!

"With no one to turn to, Hannay embarks on an epic chase to clear his name and, possibly more importantly, to save the nation from a devilish international conspiracy connected to the secret of the 39 Steps!

"Classic Hitchcock meets Monty Python and The Fast Show in this modern interpretation of John Buchan’s trailblazing spy thriller, a fast-paced, all-action homage to the greats of stage and screen!”

Director Mike Smith said: “If you’re a fan of Hitchcock, the spy genre or comedies such as Monty Python, Naked Gun and The Fast Show, then this suits you, sir!”

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The 39 Steps is adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan from the movie by Alfred Hitchcock It will be performed in Ferring Village Hall from November 22-25 at 7.30pm plus a Saturday matinee on November 25 at 2.30pm.

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