Jason Donovan adds second tour date at Horsham

Due to public demand, Jason Donovan has added another date to his visit to The Capitol Horsham.
Jason DonovanJason Donovan
Jason Donovan

Jason and his Amazing Midlife Crisis tour has proved so popular that an extra 28 dates have been arranged across the UK.

In addition to the sold out show at Horsham on May 24 he will return on September 26.

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The show is heralded as ‘An Evening of Musings, Music and Mischief’.

To book tickets go to The Capitol website.

From Neighbours to a chart-topping music career, from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to an appearance on I’m A Celebrity that sealed our affection, Jason Donovan has consistently captured the hearts of his adopted country and entertained us all along the way.

Jason said; “When I first embarked upon this tour, I did not expect to get such an amazing response! If I’m honest I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my life story. But it’s so humbling to be selling out theatres across the country. My fans are the best!”

The show will examine every aspect of Jason’s life, from where he began to where he is today as we revisit his past, present and future. Donovan’s self-effacing, mercurial story telling will shatter your illusions of the ‘teen heart throb’ in a witty and entertaining show. Jason’s relentless enthusiasm and a refreshingly blunt compulsion towards honesty will reveal all about his rollercoaster life. The show will be a rare chance to get up close and personal with the star with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

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Jason will also perform a couple of stripped back acoustic versions of his classic hits.

Jason commented; “In the past I’ve either been too young, too busy or too dazed and confused to be able to make sense my life. But now, on the eve of my fiftieth birthday - and older and wiser, if a little more weathered - I believe that I am finally in a position to put my life into perspective.

“I’m in a great place, surrounded by good people and don’t feel like I need to prove myself any more.”

Now aged 49 and with a wealth of tantalising tales under his belt, Donovan’s autobiographical show takes the singer’s looming 50th birthday as its starting point and zigzags back and forth through a life in which becoming a heart-throb at 18 and falling from grace at 27 plays only a tiny part.

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Jason commented: “My dad always said to me, the secret to a long and happy life is not to take it all too seriously.

“I’ve been on the edge, pushed my life to the extreme and come back from it which has actually made me stronger and made me realise what I DON’T want to do with my life. I think perhaps the key to a good life is keeping a balance both physically and mentally and the realisation that success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.”