Pub drama gets Lewes date

Andy Bell & Gina Cameron (contributed pic)Andy Bell & Gina Cameron (contributed pic)
Andy Bell & Gina Cameron (contributed pic)
After recent success with the dramatic comedy TWO at this summer’s Brighton Fringe, actors Gina Cameron and Andy Bell are looking forward to performing the drama in the setting of St Mary's Supporters Club in Lewes.

In the piece, a bickering husband and wife and the dozen regulars who pass through their pub in an evening are played by two actors. Each vignette combines pathos and humor. When a little boy is left behind by his father, a fragile reconciliation occurs as their own dark tragedy is revealed.

Andy and Gina will be running the drama for two nights on Friday and Saturday, November 17 and Saturday 18, 7.45pm start, doors open at 7pm and tickets can either be directly bought from St Mary’s Supporters Club or online via

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Spokesman Matt Kent explains: “The drama, written by Jim Cartwright, is set behind the bar of their Northern pub. Played by Andy and Gina, the landlord and landlady welcome their regulars with open arms, lending an ear for stories of celebration, of loss, of love and of despair. The couple work together to keep the locals in high spirits – with drinks, conversation and laughter, but there is a deeper issue to their bickering that is kept swept under the proverbial carpet.”

Gina, who also has a history of working with LOS Musical Theatre and has been involved in shows including Hello Dolly and Fiddler on the Roof, talks fondly of Jim Cartwright’s TWO: “As TWO is set in a pub, not something that Lewes is short of, we thought it would be perfect to bring it to the town, post the Brighton Fringe. In fact, Lewes is known for its great pubs, regulars and local characters with their many anecdotes. St Mary's Supporters Club was the ideal venue, and we are so pleased to be performing there amongst friends.’

Jim Cartwright was born in Farnworth, Lancashire in 1958 and educated at Harper Green Secondary Modern School, Farnworth.

His plays are consistently performed around the world, where they have won numerous awards and been translated into 30 languages. His first play, Road (1986), opened at the Royal Court in 1986.

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