REVIEW: Clue, Wick Theatre Company, Barn Theatre Southwick

REVIEW BY Rosemary Bouchy
Clue Photo by Miles Davies PhotographyClue Photo by Miles Davies Photography
Clue Photo by Miles Davies Photography

While Clue on Stage was far from what the policeman ordered it was just what the doctor ordered for those of us fortunate enough to be members of the audience. It was simply the perfect antidote to all of the bad news we have been experiencing over the past couple of years, with laughs and chuckles a plenty. Jullian Batstone's production was a fast paced journey full of great comedic moments. I particularly liked when every time the door bell rang everyone looked at the audience. There were also so some hilarious moments in the second act with the lead Guy Steddon as Wadsworth stealing the show with his incredible recap scene. He had so much energy and played the role with vibrancy and perfect stylised satire throughout. All of the supporting cast, Jaqueline Harper (Miss Scarlet), Matt Arnold (Colonel Mustard), Suse Crosby (Mrs White), Luke Mepham (Mr Green), Tanya Lyons (Mrs Peacock), Dan Dryer (Professor Plum), Emily Dennett (Yvette), Giles Newlyn-Bowmer, Andrea Jones and Paul Holden were equally adept at playing the laughs and making great use of the set so as to give the impression of 18 different rooms. The set was clever and functional with sliding units containing doors. Along with the entire audience I laughed until my cheeks ached and that for me is the best sign of a great nights entertainment.

REVIEW BY Rosemary Bouchy

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