The Giant Balloon Show!

Contemporary circus and theatre company Dizzy O'Dare present their family-friendly performance of The Giant Balloon Show at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing on Sunday, July 1.

The Giant Balloon Show
The Giant Balloon Show

It comes as part of Worthing’s Summer of Circus – and the company are delighted to be back in the town, this time with a solo performance from company co-founder Mike Imerson.

The 45-minute show, which was the winner of the International Festival of Fools in 2017, is suitable for all ages and features clowning, audience interaction and a multitude of balloons.

With an 80s soundtrack, balloon sculptures and an award-winning clown, the show provides a high-energy comical experience that actually sees the performer end up with his entire body inside a giant balloon, Mike promises.

“It’s great to be part of the Summer of Circus,” Mike says. “It’s like when you start a new job, it is so much nicer when you actually know the place – and that’s why it is nice to come back to Worthing. We know that Worthing Theatres are amazing. We were looking down the list of people performing at Worthing’s Summer of Circus and apart from one name that we didn’t know, you can see that they are all great names. And I think it helps to come back because people get more tuned into the idea of a season. I think they loosen up in terms of what they are expecting. Contemporary circus includes so many different things now.

“My partner Alana is a tightwire walker and around 2008 I was playing guitar for her while she did a contemporary dance on a tightwire at a festival in Medway. That was just as freelance performers, but on the back of that, we were offered a commission to make a new circus show. And we did it, a hugely-ambitious show, an eight-hander. Alana’s contemporary dance friends came in, and her contemporary circus friends came in, and that was the start of the company.

“It is our tenth anniversary. We started producing our own shows. Actually, me saying that is the first time I have realised that our anniversary is this year. This year has been a brilliant rollercoaster in terms of street work and theatre work. Something shifted last year, and the amount of work we are doing went up quite a lot. Our reputation had grown. Each year we get busier and right now we are just not stopping. The current show started as a show that I did as a street show at Covent Garden. I got a small amount of funding to put together a show.”