Your chance to appear in The Addams Family

Worthing’s Tori Productions have confirmed audition dates for a December production of The Addams Family at The Windmill Theatre in Littlehampton.

Tori Monroe
Tori Monroe

Tori Monroe, who runs the company, said: “Hand on heart, I would say at the moment I believe that we will be able to go ahead with the show. The worst case scenario is that we have got permission to do it next year instead.

“But we are being as optimistic as we can.

“You have just got to try.

“You have just got to be optimistic because otherwise the world would be a very sad place!”

Auditions will be at Ferring village hall on July 4.

Tori is expecting things to start at 10am, but if anyone needs to be there earlier, at say 9am, she will accommodate.

She just asks that people get in touch first by emailing [email protected]

“We started in 2003 and we are based in Worthing.

“We rehearse at Ferring village hall and our productions are in the Windmill Theatre.

“We do one production a year at the theatre, but during the year we also provide classes and lessons and we work with fancy dress and we provide actors for door-step pantos.

“The last few years we have done a panto in December, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and so on.

“But before that, we used to be more mainstream, doing full-on musicals like Annie and that type of thing. And last year we decided to go back to that.

“I think if you are always doing panto you get put a little bit into a bracket and you audition and you get like 20 dames!

“And you end up not being taken quite so seriously. We want to get back to it and to be recognised.

“We have got some really good people that have already said that they want to take part, and hopefully others will come in.

“ We have no age limits. We do audition. People do need to be able to commit and to be able to act and sing and dance.

“But we do try to have small children involved because people love seeing children on stage.

“I am looking for a cast of about 45. I would hope we can get that. I think we would be looking for 50 people through to allow for if there are the odd cases of people having to drop out because of work commitments or child care issues or whatever.

“I just don’t know what effect Covid will have, whether people will be extra keen to come out and do something or whether people will be a bit more cautious, but we will start rehearsing straight away.

“The Addams Family is a fantastic show. I have seen it a couple of times. I have always thought can we do it.

“You have to have such a strong cast because it is very, very musical.

“Our production team have been working on it very hard throughout Covid. We have had more time on it. We were due to do it last year but that didn’t happen.

“And then we got to the point this year where we had to make a decision, whether to go for it full force ahead.

“We are optimistic about it and we hope that the vaccine process will get better and better. And we have carried out all the Covid risk assessments, and we will follow everything we can to make it safe. As I say, you have just got to be optimistic really.”