Theatre treats at WemsFest

The Rogues and Vagabonds Community Theatre Company is performing for the first time in Stansted House as a part of this year's WemsFest arts festival.

Coming to Emsworth
Coming to Emsworth

Company artistic director Julian Sluggett said: “Lord Bessborough, who lived at Stansted for many years, was one of the founding figures of the Chichester Festival Theatre and raised considerable sums to help it to be built.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to one of the great post war figures of the British theatre, and we feel privileged to be able to present our work in the beautiful Music Room.

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“We have recently formed Rogues into a community interest company, and this has enabled us to attract sponsorship for the series.

“Presenting three works over the festival, the company continues to develop local writers. Racton Follies 5, by Julian and David Broughton, continues the highly-successful series, retelling many humorous tales from the past, including the famous Stansted House fire in 1900. Smugglers, witches and Gustav the Pigeon VC rub shoulders with more tragic tales from WWI. “

“A Damsel in Distress by PG Wodehouse, the wonderful comic tale, been adapted by Havant’s Lucy Flannery and tells stories of love, mysterious young girls, and a mad mixture of eccentric characters and mistaken identity set in the fictional Belper Castle.

“Dear Lily, compiled by Howard Jacobs, brings to life the correspondence between PG Wodehouse and his house keeper Lillian Barnett from the time when he lived in Emsworth before WWI to 1973.”

Performances are: Racton Follies 5, Stansted House, 7.30pm, Tuesday, October 4 (£10, £12); 7.30pm, Westbourne Club, Wednesday October 12 (£5, £7).

A Damsel in Distress, Stansted House, 2.30pm, Sunday, October 16 (£10, £12); Emsworth Community Centre, 7.30pm, Friday, October 21 (£5, £7).

Dear Lily. Stansted House. 7.30pm, Monday, October 17 (£10, £12).

Tickets: Bookends. Emsworth or Details