Trump meets Putin in Chichester exhibition

Douglas Davis offers his first solo exhibition '“ 'a toe in the water so to speak' '“ at Chichester's Oxmarket Gallery from May 8-20.


“I have exhibited in London at the Menier Gallery, Southwark on several occasions over the years as a member of The National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers.

“My work consists of a variety of subject matter from landscape, pop art to figurative work. Mediums will vary from acrylic on canvas/paper to digital work and mono prints. Limited editions of work are available to order.

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“Recently I entered an online American Art Awards and won sixth place in both pop art and abstract expressionism, 2017. This was a fun thing for me just to see how things worked out. I was pleased with the outcome.

“My latest work has been experimenting in pure abstraction, just playing around with paint relationships and how to work out composition and shape. I find it whiles away the hours as I work and then rework a surface over many days. You’re never quite sure how things will work out but when I feel I have it right, I leave it. Job done.

“These are mainly painted using an old plastic credit card. These help me to build up the surface in layers to create texture and once dried can be fun to over paint. As yet I only produce these as small works.

“Although I am not normally a political animal in my artwork I have been driven to produce two works about the USA elections and the furore around Trump and Putin, Secrets. Also a comment on the Syrian war that is still raging, When Doves Die. Hopefully the variety of work on show will appeal to a varied age group who enjoy a modernist approach. I will be showing in the foyer and lobby.”

Douglas added: “I am self-taught; some would say a weekender as I still work as a bricklayer part time as I am now in the glory years of my youth. I have always drawn as a child and from my late teens attended life-drawing classes and I still go once a week to the Emsworth Community group on a Monday night. I also draw on my iPad and will be showing several works in this medium reproduced as Giclée print editions.

“Over the years the influences have been many. The first real jolt was watching Civilisation in the 1960s by Sir Kenneth Clark. I have copied drawings from the great masters to the more modernist painters and I am now experimenting with abstract work, which I find frustrating but rewarding when it goes right.

“Over the years I have had work displayed in several opens, notably at the Mall Gallery, London with the RBA and at Cork Street, London on two occasions in opens.

“The list of influential artists is long stretching, from Rubens, Rapheal, Picasso, Frank Dobson, Rodin, Matisse, Hockney, Moore and Blake.”

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