Arun District Council backs A27 bypass route

Arun District Council has become the latest council to declare its support for an offline bypass at Arundel.
Councillors debated the A27 at the Arun Civic Centre last nightCouncillors debated the A27 at the Arun Civic Centre last night
Councillors debated the A27 at the Arun Civic Centre last night

The council voted to support Option 5A (the ‘Binsted route’) at a meeting of the council cabinet at the Arun Civic Centre in Littlehampton last night.

Council leader Gill Brown said: “We need to be positive about this as this is likely to be our only opportunity in the near future.”

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Councillor Paul Dendle said: “This issue has been around since 1946. Economically we need this for the whole district.

“I have always been a supporter of Option 3 but I came to the realisation that it can never be built because the protesters have done such a good job of getting Tortington designated Ancient Woodland.”

Mr Dendle said he supported Option 5A and pushed for a cycle route along Ford Road.

Councillor Robert Wheal also spoke in favour of Option 5A, saying it is the ‘only tenable option on the table’.

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He added: “I do understand that a bypass will affect a small number of homes in the Binsted area but surely we have to think of the wider community.

“The people of Arundel have been anxiously waiting for a bypass for 40 years or more.”

Binsted resident Mike Tristram spoke at the meeting opposing Option 5A.

He said: “Option 5A devastates Binsted’s land-based community and deprives walkers of Binsted’s tranquil historic landscape.”

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The cabinet voted to support Option 5A and will be sending its recommendations to Highways England today.

Arun District Council joins West Sussex County Council. Horsham District Council and Arundel Town Council in supporting the Binsted route for an A27 bypass.