Brighton families top table for talking about money

Brighton families spend more time talking and thinking about money than anywhere else in the UK, according to a new survey.

The research from RCI Bank reveals that on average, families living in southern England spend over hour and a half discussing money each week, compared to an hour and 17 minutes spent by families living in northern England.

And Brighton tops the table with one hour and 37 minutes.

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Money issues have traditionally been seen as taboo for Brits to discuss at the kitchen table, but families are now spilling the beans on their money ideas and concerns, with one in ten (8%) families across the UK admitting to always having money matters on their mind or talking about them out loud.

RCI Bank’s exclusive data further reveals that on a national level, a quarter (25%) of families are now spending on average over 21 hours per year more thinking and talking about money than they were six months ago, with one in ten (9%) spending at least two extra hours per week doing it.

Although discussions about money are increasing on average across Britain, the data reveals that families in Brighton are spending on average almost 40 minutes more every week on money talk than those in Newcastle, adding up to more than four working days over the course of a year.