Campaigners call for A27 bypass routes to be reconsidered

Campaigners worried current proposals for an A27 bypass at Arundel do not address the town's issues have called for a new route to be designed.
Nearly 100 people gathered to discuss the bypass routesNearly 100 people gathered to discuss the bypass routes
Nearly 100 people gathered to discuss the bypass routes

Local residents gathered at the Norfolk Arms in High Street last Thursday to discuss the ongoing issue of the A27 at Arundel.

Kay Wagland, town councillor and campaigner for Arundel SCATE (South Coast Alliance on Transport and the Environment), said: “Bypasses are about speeding drivers past places and that’s the remit of Highways England.

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“Arundel residents need to be able to get in and out of their own town safely and conveniently on foot, bike, bus and, yes, by car.”

She argued that ‘none of this is helped by the bypass choices we’re being offered.’

David Johnson, chair of Sussex Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, claimed that ‘research shows that building roads generates more traffic, causes permanent environmental damage and leads to little economic gain.’

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He added: “It’s a tired formula that we can’t afford and benefits nobody in the long run.”

Arundel SCATE members called for Option 1 – the online bypass – to be adapted into a less costly and environmentally damaging route.

Steve Ankers, policy officer for the South Downs Society, said: “Some politicians and many members of the public seem to cling to the idea that the more expensive the solution, the better the outcome.

“We need to look closely at what the actual problems are that we’re hoping to solve.

“From the evidence Highways England put forward the options don’t score well. Arundel and the National Park deserve better.”