More than 15,000 families in Eastbourne set to get £326 cost of living payment

Low-income families in Eastbourne are expected to get the first part of a cost of living payment next month.

Two cost of living installments totalling £650 will be paid to 846,000 South East households from July 14, part of the £1,200 support package being given out this year.

The first part of this payment will be £326 given to mean-tested benefit claimants, with the rest to come in the autumn.

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This is all part of the £37 billion government package in place to help families with the cost of living crisis.

Cost of living crisis

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed a breakdown of how many people in each part of the country will be receiving the support.

It also reveals how many people will be getting the £150 disability top-up which lands in bank accounts in September.

In Eastbourne, 15,200 families will be eligible for the £326 payment and 12,200 individuals will be eligible for the disability top-up.

Looking across regions, London has the most eligible families, followed by the North West and then the South East. The total number of eligible families for the cost of living payment is 8.2 million.

In terms of the disability top-up, the North West has the most eligible individuals, followed by the South East and then London. The total number of eligible individuals is 6.3 million.

The eligibility date for the second instalment of the £650 payment will be announced soon. If customers are eligible through receiving tax credits only, HMRC will contact them and issue payments automatically.