Crawley Cineworld moved into new group for Unlimited customers - and here is how it affects your monthly cost

Crawley Cineworld is expected to re-open next week in line with current UK government guidance - and they have made some changes to the Unlimited Membership.

Crawley Cineworld falls into a Unlimited Membership Group 3 - and the good news is your monthly cost will remain the same.

In an email to all Unlimited customers, they said: "As we expect to re-open our cinemas very soon, in line with current UK government guidance, we wanted to get in touch to let you know about some exciting changes to Unlimited memberships.

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Crawley Cineworld

"We are introducing Unlimited Membership Groups for new and existing members. There will be four Groups, each containing a number of Cineworld cinemas, with different pricing. Your monthly Unlimited Membership fee will depend on the Group your local Cineworld falls into.

"Your local Cineworld falls into Unlimited Membership Group 3 and your monthly fee will remain at £18.40 a month.

"Your Unlimited card can be used at all cinemas in the UK, except for Cineworld Leicester Square. All of your other Unlimited card benefits remain the same, from unlimited films to discounts on in-cinema snacks and drinks! Find out more here.

"Before our re-opening, we are going to send you another email to make sure your details are up to date and ensure you are in the correct Unlimited Membership Group, and give you the option to change your Unlimited Group. Keep an eye on your inbox in the next week."

Other Cineworlds in Sussex - Brighton, Eastbourne and Chichester are in Group 2 - which means Crawley Unlimited card holders can visit any of those venues as well.