Midhurst salon owner to give business away - on two important conditions

Martyn Chevis has revealed plans to give away his 40-year-old salon, as long as he can continue working there.

Martyn, 66, also wants to safeguard the jobs of two self-employed members of staff.

He added that whoever takes over the business in West Street must have ‘a little bit of drive’ and may need to set up a computer system. 

He said: “I don’t want to sell it. I want to give it to the right person as long as I can continue doing 20 hours per week.

Martyn Chevis wants to give his salon in Midhurst away - as long as he gets to work there. Pic S Robards SR2106141 SUS-210614-165050001

“I want to start taking life a bit easier. I want to start travelling a bit more.

“It’s an ideal opportunity for the right person with ambition. I will do whatever I can to help that person.”

Martyn has been responsible for the business since 1981 and he feels the time has now come to ‘pass it on to somebody else’. 

He admitted it was not an easy decision was but wanted to have ‘some more time to myself’. 

How the salon looks inside SUS-210615-163112001

“My business has been built on a lot of respect and courtesy,” he said. “Clients always come first.

“That’s the reason we have been going so long.

“In the last 40 years, I have taken no more than two weeks holiday per year. I just want to start living a bit more now.”

Martyn said he tried to sell the business last year but those plans were scuppered by the pandemic. 

How the salon looks inside SUS-210615-163135001

He added: “The salon has got seven dressing out stations, three backwash basins, four dryers and a reception area.

“There is a new lease to negotiate with the landlord.

“I also have two people that work for me are self-employed. They’ve been with me about 15 years. It’s imperative I safeguard those jobs. That’s very important to me.”

Martyn said the salon has been a ‘happy place to work’ and ‘lots of fun’. 

How the salon looks inside SUS-210615-163124001

“I’m in my 50th year of hairdressing,” he said. “I’ve got a very loyal customer base.

“Clients have become friends and I do want to continue hairdressing.”

Anyone interested in taking over the business is asked to send a text to Martyn on 07918 660494.